2018 Sponsors

Dear Sir/Madam,

WHO WE ARE: KARE Inc. is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization dedicated to supporting families throughout Potter, Tioga, and
Bradford counties, in Pennsylvania. We have been focused on supporting Tioga County since 2014. In the past four years we
have given over forty thousand dollars to families that have needed our support through a difficult time. Kicking off the 2018 year
we will be expanding our borders to support Potter and Bradford Counties.
OUR MISSION: Is to be continually dedicated to our communities and families within, through support and encouragement, in
both celebration and hardship.

Together is where we make a difference. It’s where we build hope!
As a team, we are invested and passionate about helping our communities become better, to overcome challenges and
celebrate victories. Each event we host is specific to the needs of our supported area.

          􀀀 Kolored By KARE 5K: gives 75% of its proceeds to a chosen family, whom not only needs the monetary donation but
          the community support showing them they are not alone in the challenges they face.
          􀀀 Lawrenceville Days: Is a celebration of Lawrenceville’s families, organizations and businesses.
          􀀀 Backpack Event: Helps families cover the cost of preparing their children for the school year.
          􀀀 The Upside of Down; Buddy Walk: Is a celebration of having an extra chromosome. It’s about bringing families and
          support systems together.

VISION FOR THE FUTURE: Looking ahead, our vision is to consistently reevaluate the needs of our supported areas and make
a difference where we are able. Throughout the next year, we will be focused on helping Potter and Bradford Counties get to
know our organization.

We encourage you to get involved! Become a sponsor, join our team or volunteer. Our organization depends on your help to cont
inue reaching the families that need us. The families that are trying so hard to get back on their feet! But, need the support and
encouragement to get there. Our organization and team are in place to see that through. We are here and will strive to be an
organization you can turn to! We appreciate your support in advance.

The KARE Inc. Team

You Can Make a Powerful Impact on Your Community.    Here is How You Can Help.

Sponsorship Tiers

Bronze:     $100 Donation

What you get: 

  • Logo on website and event t-shirt
  • Donation certificate

Silver:          $500 Donation

What you get:

  • Logo on website and event t-shirt
  • Donation Certificate
  • Contemporaneous Letter for Tax deductions

Gold:          $1,000

What you get:

  • Logo on website and event t-shirt
  • Donation certificate
  • Contemporaneous Letter
  • Vendor table at events with no charge

Monthly Donation also available to our Account.  Our Team will be glad to get that set up.