Hi! My name is Meagan Hutcheson, President of KARE Inc.  This Organization is very dear to my heart and would not exist today without the help of our amazing Team, volunteers and donors.  

Nearly nine years ago, I found myself a single mom with two young children.  My husband was lost to a motorcycle accident, leaving us devastated and uncertain how we would survive the next day, let alone the future.  The community pulled together and overwhelmed me with their support...assisting with the funeral and other costs I was totally unprepared for.  Not only did this mean the world to me, but it left a lasting impression on my heart.  A year later, I was finally at the point where I felt a burning passion inside me to somehow help and give back to my community the way they did for me.  Thus...KARE was born.  It all started with our 5K Kolored by KARE Color Run, which was a huge success.  We were able to help a nominated family who desperately needed us...the same way I did not that long ago.  Now here we are...stronger than ever, thriving in our community and doing great things as a Team.  I'm so proud of our ability to unite together and conquer the obstacles that divide, discourage and deprive our communities.  It's not about whose Organization gives the most, or which business is featured in the spotlight.  It's about setting all that aside and working together.  We have proven that kindness reigns...and together....we can do great things!  

Many ask me the poignant question...does time truly heal all wounds?  Does the pain slowly ease with each day the passes?  May 1st marks year nine and these are still as real as ever.  I feel stronger because I survived when I thought I was dying.  I've lost many friends and family because they let me down when I needed them most, but gained new, stronger friends and family relationships.  I may cry less often and not as long, but the pain is still as real as the day of the accident.  The woman I was before died and is gone, I'm still finding the new woman that was born.  Memories do fade, and I'm so happy that the first year I wrote down every memory I came across in my journal.  I feel my heart break for new grievers because I now know how long of a road grief is, and how misunderstood we are.  There are moments that stop me in my tracks and take me back to beautiful memories.  I've left many in the past and focused on what really matters.  I spend every day making memories with my close friends and family, helping those in need, and loving the ones that have been there for Levi, Alexis, and I through it all.  I have several close family members that have felt the immense pain of loss but continue on with a smile and unbelievable strength. Please don't think for a second that a grievers pain is ever gone or that they are "over it" because they chose to smile, make the world a better place, and make everyday count. 

So for this reason, my mission continues to evolve and grow, even as I do...and as KARE does also.  My heart's desire is to encourage and strengthen others who know the pain I've known...and for my own heart to learn a better understanding of challenges and struggles I have not yet known.  I will always survive, because I have found this one thing to be true:  You have this one life!  How do you want to spend it?  Apologizing?  Regretting?  Questioning?Arguing?  Be BRAVE.  Believe in yourself.  Do what feels good.  Do what feels right.  Take risks.  Stand tall.  YOU HAVE THIS ONE LIFE."  The world is full of chaos and separation, we are so much more than that!!! Together . . .TOGETHER is where we all win.  No matter how big or how small I will forever support and defend our communities, our families, our struggles and our country. 

Meagan Hutcheson,  President of KARE Inc


"We are dedicated to supporting and encouraging our communities, and the families within, in both celebration and hardship. We will never quit, we will not back down, as a team we will always strive to be an organization you can turn to!"

Meet the Woman behind it all....